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Open a Dark Kitchen within 60 days and pay no extra fee.


We provide a virtual kitchen concept that slides easily into any commercial kitchen and transforms it into an Asian restaurant.

• Our products are steamed, requiring limited to no HVAC.
• No additional labor or occupancy costs.
• 35% food & packaging cost + 25% average 3PD commission = 40% profit achievement.
• No royalties or commissions paid.



Our most popular items are available for retail, in both center store & fresh sections or in the freezer cases. The Wow Bao product line brings restaurant-quality products to shoppers across the country.

FRESH – Feature Wow Bao fresh products in your grocery store to enhance your ready-to-heat options.

FROZEN – Carry our bao and potstickers in your freezer cases, so shoppers can prepare Wow Bao at home.



Open a Wow Bao at a university, hospital, office campus, or other high-traffic location. Our concept can be executed by adapting an existing operation or activating underutilized spaces.



A turnkey solution combining our brand’s experience and products with your existing team and equipment. Wow Bao has experience in a variety of operating environments including pop-ups, stadiums, attractions, outdoor festivals, hotels, banquets, universities, and K-12.