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three team members standing shoulder to shoulder in black uniforms, smiling.

Our Commitment

Whether it’s our guests or our employees, we put people first. We strive to inspire, motivate, and appreciate one another every day. We live by the golden rule and treat everyone with kindness, empathy, respect, and a healthy dose of humor. We take our work, not ourselves, seriously.

Since 2003, Wow Bao has sought to create work environments where we go out of our way to care for ourselves, each other and our guests. In preparation for 2023, our 20th anniversary year, we are taking a critical look at where we want to be and sharing our philosophy with our guests.

Wow Bao fosters a workplace that welcomes all people and celebrates the diverse backgrounds, life experiences, self-expression, unique abilities and special talents that make each of us an individual and all of us a team. We foster safe spaces where everyone feels free to be their full selves, to remove obstacles so that everyone thrives, and to create restaurants and workplaces that look and feel like the communities where we live, work and serve.

Our DEI initiatives are an integral part of our hiring process, our daily interactions with our employees, restaurants, home office employees, our partnerships and our guests. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in all we do. It is at the core of the Wow Bao’s Culture of Caring.


We aim to increase the representation and voice of the historically under-represented in all we do.


We strive to identify and remove barriers to employment and advancement and to improve access to Wow Bao dining experiences.


We cherish a workplace, restaurants, and partnerships where everyone is recognized and valued for their uniqueness and feels a genuine sense of belonging.

A Wow Bao team member wearing a Wow Bao tshirt is smiling while tending to an order. Two team members wearing Wow Bao shirts, one is cooking potstickers, while the other is making a rice bowl. A Wow Bao team member, wearing a Wow Bao shirt, smiling at the camera in front of metal steamers.