Join the Hot Buns Club

The crowd is chattering. Muffled music is blasting from inside the club.

You go to the door to see what all the excitement is about.



We know you have numerous options when a craving for delicious food hits, and your loyalty to Wow Bao deserves to be rewarded. Our Hot Buns Club not only provides you with an opportunity to earn points every time you order, but it differentiates Wow Bao as the only Virtual Restaurant brand to offer a rewards program.

As an Exclusive Member of Wow Bao’s Hot Buns Club, you’ll earn one point for every $1 you spend on orders on For every 100 points you earn, you’ll automatically receive a $10 Reward. And as a token of our appreciation, we’ll put 15 points in your account simply for signing up! Plus, you’ll earn 2x points on your next order.

As part of this members-only club you’ll receive a $5 Birthday Reward, the opportunity to earn double and triple points, plus secret offers and promotions.

All you have to do is join the Hot Buns Club and order on to quickly taste the benefits of our signature bao and bowls! With hundreds of locations across the nation delivering Wow Bao, earning rewards is easy.


Subscribe to Wow Bao’s Hot Buns Club VIP Membership to receive a randomly-generated Digital CollectaBao. Your CollectaBao isn’t just an avatar or a piece of art, it designates you as a Hot Buns Club VIP, granting access to VIP members-only benefits including discounts on food and Wow Bao merch, double rewards points, and other “pop-up” perks.

  • 10% of all orders
  • Double points on every order to earn rewards faster
  • 10% off Wow Bao merchandise
  • Chances to win additional CollectaBaos, free meals, and more

Each CollectaBao is a digitally randomized token expressing a variety of over 200 traits: from fun facial features to stylish footwear, accessories that showcase attitude, hand gestures conveying personality, and even eyewear – CollectaBaos are edgy and original.

While our first course of CollectaBaos is pretty irresistible, keep your napkin on your lap for more courses that will be minted to satisfy collectable cravings. Each offering comes with different price tags, but the perks reflect the investment. We’ve also held back approximately 200 exceptionally exclusive CollectaBaos for future giveaways and rewards.

The CollectaBaos are stored as tokens on the Polychain blockchain. Purchasing one is simple, whether using crypto or credit card.

If you are not a member Hot Buns Club yet, you’ll need to join as an Exclusive Member before subscribing to a Hot Buns Club VIP Membership.

If you are an Exclusive Hot Buns Club Member, subscribe now to the Hot Buns Club VIP Membership.

Welcome to the club!